Tereza Šmelíková

Year of birth: 1999

Place to live: Grenoble, France

Occupation: Image processing engineer

Twitter ja Instagram: @tereza_smelikova

Best results: 17th and 21st place at WOC, 8th place at WUOC, 1st place at the French championship

A coach: Eva Jurenikova, Enjo

Athlete profile https://eventor.orienteering.org/Athletes/Details/24934

Who you are and where do you come from? I am a Slovak living in the French Alps

How long you have compeeted in orienteering and do you have some other athletic background? I am a lifelong orienteer, ran my first race when I was 1 year old. When injured, I bike, swim, row and ski a lot.

Your orienteering careers highligh and / or the best performance? I am very happy with my progress over the 2023’s season.

Your goal at orienteering? To see what is possible and to aim for the top positions

Favorite terrain? Open alpine terrain with good runability and visibility and both physically and technically challenging

Which and what compass do you use and why? Moscompass since several years, currently testing a new str8 

What do you do, when you start to do mistake at orienteering? I insult myself 

Your motto? ‘Bouge ton cul, gros tas’ in French

Taste of music? Ranging from classical music to swedish rap music 

What’s best of about orienteering? That every training and race is different  

What’s best about the club Helsingin Suunnistajat? Team spirit, personnal development and coaches!