Emily Kemp Helsingin Suunnistajiin

Helsingin Suunnistajan naisten ryhmä vahvistuu, kun Emily Kemp pukee ensi vuonna päälleen sinivihreää. Emily on 30-vuotias kanadalainen naissuunnistaja, joka asuu Helsingissä. Emilyn paras sijoitus on vuodelta 2016, kun hän sijoittui Strömstadin MM-kilpailuissa neljänneksi. Sen lisäksi, että Emily vahvistaa naisten rivejä suorituskykynsä ansiosta, on hän myös aurinkoisen luonteensa ansiosta erinomainen lisä yhteisölliseen Hesan naisten joukkueeseen. Alla lisää tietoja Emilystä. 

How long have you been orienteering?

Emily: I’ve been orienteering for 22 years – 10 years in Canada, 4 years in France and now 8 years in Finland.

What do you do in your life when you are not working out?

Emily: I work as a Research and Development Scientist, I keep in touch with friends and family, I draw, paint and read and I really enjoy sauna and cold water swimming at a good mökki

Why did you choose Helsingin Suunnistajat?

Emily: I’ve lived in Helsinki for 4 years now and felt like I wanted to participate more in the orienteering community close to home. I love training with others where we get to push each other so I hope to find motivation and fun with teammates in my daily trainings.

Describe your personality as an orienteer. In which type of terrain or race do you feel that you are at your best?

Emily: I like to soak up information like a sponge and use what works for me. As an orienteer, I like to be calm and joyful on the start line and then give it my all through the race. I’m strong in technical and physically demanding terrain.

Describe your favorite workout

Emily: Intervals where I get to push my limits.

Tervetuloa Emily!