Invitation (WRE)


International orienteering competition and world ranking event (WRE) SalmingSprint in Helsinki, Finland April 13th 2018

Organiser Helsingin Suunnistajat

Main officials

Event director: Pekka Väisänen,  p. +358 400490837

Courses: Hannu Lammi (head of the group), +358 503947179

Course controller: Ville Koponen (Lynx), +358 50 5207992

Information secretary: Markku Sormunen +358 45 2148 115 English speaking contact person: Pauliina Lankinen,  p. +1 425 5535195

IOF event adviser Hannu Pyy, +358 405072071


The rules of Finnish Orienteering Federation and International Orienteering Federation will be applied in the competition. The rules of The Finnish Orienteering Federation are available on the website

Punching system Emit punching system.

Classes and any participation restrictions

Classes M21E and W21E have WRE status. 80 participants in classes M/W21E will be selected according to world ranking list for sprint orienteering on April 6th. Finnish Orienteering Federation is allowed to add 10 participants above the already chosen orienteers to both classes. Those competitors who are not selected to the M/W21E will be moved to parallel classes along the IOF rules for WRE events. Those competing in the parallel classes are also eligible to WRE points. The estimated winning time is 12-15 minutes.

Entries and entry fees

All WRE competitors make their entry and payment to classes M/W21E no later than Friday, April 6 th, 2018 at 23:59. Entry fee in WRE classes is 38 €. Entries and payments should be made primarily through IRMA service or alternatively via Eventor (those who don’t have access to IRMA service).

Emit card number or the need for a rental Emit card must be indicated in the entry. If Emit card number is missing, the organizer will reserve an Emit card and charge 4 €. The bank details for entry fee payment for those without access to IRMA are as follows:

Account owner: Helsingin Suunnistajat

Bank name: Nordea Bank AB

Bank address: Satamaradankatu 5, 00020 NORDEA

IBAN:  FI05 1243 3000 1989 69



The IOF World Ranking system only uses the Latin alphabet from A to Z. It is very important for all runners to check that the information about them is correct. Please check the following: the spelling of your first and last name, year of birth and nationality. If you find any mistakes, please report them via email changes athletedata(at) When reporting, make sure you add your complete birth date (day, month, year).


WRE athletes have to include their IOF IDs in their entry. Athletes who don’t yet have an IOF ID will get one by registering a user account in IOF Eventor:

Embargoed area

Participants are allowed to go to the area but not to train there until 30th March 2018. The actual competition area will be updated on 30th March. From then on, the participants are not allowed to go to the area at all before the race.

Competition map

Printed map from year 2018 in plastic cover. Scale 1:4000, contour interval 2 meters.


The competition terrain is typical suburban terrain with multi-storage buildings and some parks and urban forests.


The first start of the competition is at 6:00 pm. A quarantine zone for M/W 21E and parallel classes is 2000 m from the competition center. The quarantine closes at 6:00 pm.

Services in the competition center

Since the competition center is in an urban area, there is no cafeteria in the competition center. Orienteering gear shop will be on the venue.

Guiding to competition center

Guiding to the competition center starts from Koivusaari metro station. Koivusaari station is about 10 min from Helsinki Central Railway station by metro. Competition center is about 1000 m from Koivusaari station.

Weather and clothing

The weather in Helsinki in the middle of April could be freezing cold, rainy or just cold. Anyway usually above the freezing point. Be prepared to have proper clothing especially after the race.

How to get to Helsinki and more

Visa requirements

According to current regulations, citizens of some countries must obtain a visa in order to enter Finland. Please check the following website for more information: Visas should be applied for at your closest Finnish Embassy. Please note that conditions of entry may change and all participants are advised to keep themselves updated on the current situation by consulting their local Finnish Embassy.

Welcome to Helsinki!