Competition instructions (WRE)


Salming-Sprint (WRE) in Helsinki, Finland

International orienteering competition and world ranking event

April 13th 2018

Organiser Helsingin Suunnistajat

See added instructions:

Added 12.4 Classes, length and number of controls

Added 12.4 Pre start and quarantine (only WRE-classes, start 1) + Forbidden areas

Added 11.4 Pre start and quarantine (only WRE-classes, start 1)

Added 9.4 Forbidden areas

Main officials

Event director Pekka Väisänen,, p. +358 400490837
Course setters Hannu Lammi (head), Atte Lahtinen and Katja Lahtinen
Course controller Ville Koponen Lynx
Jury Mikko Ojanaho OH (head), other members will be announced later
Starts Aimo Kangas
Finish Karin Rantamäki
Results Result Fellows / Risto Kivinen
Terrain control Henrik Tala
Info Leena Salmenkylä-Mattila
Speaker Harri Koski
Maps Hannu Lammi
Permits to the area Atte Lahtinen
Guide signs Erkki Miettinen
Safety Pekka Väisänen
Security officers Jukka Paldanius ja Kirsi Ratinen
Photos Jari Valtonen
Web pages Pekka Lammi
Information officer Markku Sormunen,
+358 45 2148 115                                                                                                                                                                                 English speaking contact person: Pauliina Lankinen,  +1425 5535195

IOF event adviser

Hannu Pyy, +358 405072071


Competition center

International Business High School (Kansainvälisen Liiketoiminnan Lukio), Isokaari 19, 00200 Helsinki. Competition center opens at 4.30 pm.

Guiding to competition center
Guiding to the competition center starts from Koivusaari metro station. The competition center is about 800 m from the Koivusaari station.

If you come by car, use normal city parking places, if available. NOTE that you are not allowed to park inside or go through the competition area (See map)  by walking or by any means of transportation except by metro. Organisers monitor the competition area hours before the first start of the competition.

Competition area and embargo

Before the competition the competitors are not allowed to go to the area marked by yellow on the map between 31.3-13.4.2018.

Competition area is marked yellow on the map. Route from Koivusaari metro station to the competition center is marked by red line.

Rules of the competition

The rules of Finnish Orienteering Federation (SSL) and International Orienteering Federation (IOF) rules for WRE-competitions will be applied in the competition together with the orders of the organisers.

Emit-cards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The competitors are responsible for having a fully functional Emit-card with the card number submitted during the registration. The organisers will not check the card number before the start. Competitor using the Emit-card with a wrong card number will be disqualified except in classes H/D14.

Changes to Emit-numbers should be given to the INFO well before the start of the competitor.

Classes, length and number of controls

Class Length



of controls



H21E 3,96 24 45 1
 D21E  3,33  19  45  1
H21EB 3,86 21 40 1
H21A, H35, H40, H20 3,41 19 2
D21A, H45, H18 3,25 19 2
H50, H16, D35, D40, D45 3,20 18 2
D20, D18, D16 2,85 17 2
H65, H60, H55, D50, H14 2,67 18 2
D55, D60, D14 2,54 16 2
H70, H75, D65 1,93 13 2
H12, D12, H10, D10 1,92 13 2


The distances are given by the shortest permitted route.

Competition map 

Printed sprint map 4/2018 in plastic cover. Scale 1:4000, contour interval 2,0 m. The previous sprint map from the area is from 2014 ( Part of the competition are has been used in Sprint Cup 3/2017.

Note that the later use of the map is not allowed without the permission of the lot holders.

Forbidden areas


  • Roads marked by purple vertical stripes are forbidden to run or cross. Running on the sidewalk is allowed.
  • Competitors are allowed to cross forbidden roads only on the crossing points. These crossing points are marked by a pair of orange cones each side of the road. Competitors must run between the cones on both sides of the road. The organisers control the crossings. Those orienteers who do not follow these rules about road crossing points will be disqualified.
  • Other forbidden areas are marked by violet stripes on the map.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions are available at the start. They are not printed on the map. Control codes are not printed along the control number on the map.

Number bibs and Emit control strips 

Number bibs for the national event classes are at the competition center. Number bibs for the WRE-classes are at the quarantine until 6.05 pm. Take your own safety pins. You don´t have to return the number.

Emit control strips are available before start. Remember to use one, especially if this is your first run with the Emit after the winter.

Model control

The model control point can be found in the event center. There is also a punching unit for testing the function of the Emit-card.


60% of the terrain is asphalt or similar, 20% gravel or grass and  20% forest and rock. Spikes or studs are not allowed.

GPS-enabled devices (watches etc.) can be carried provided that they have no map display and are not used for navigation purposes

Start lists 

Start lists are available on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at:

Pre start and quarantine (only WRE-classes, start 1) 

The pre-start and quarantine are 1,7 km from the competition center.

The pre-start closes at 6:00 pm. The distance between the quarantine and start 1 is 0,4 km. There is a toilet at the pre-start. No drinking water available. The pre-start does not have indoor space, but covered areas are available. Before heading to the start, runners can leave their bags and other belongings at the designated location. The organizers will then transport the bags to the arena.

Start 2 (national competition) 

Distance between the competition center and the start 2 is 1,2 km. No toilets at the start 2.


There is a continuous marking from the last controls until the finish line where competitor will punch. After this he/she proceeds within the finish area to Emit control. Competitors may keep their maps after the finish. In line with the rules and fair play, the map is not to be shown to competitors who have not yet started.

Closure of the start and finish 

The start will be closed 15 min after the last start. The finish will be closed by the decision of the event director after all the competitors have finished, latest at 8:00 pm.

Model control

The model control point can be found in the event center. There is also a punching unit for testing the function of the Emit-card.

Those who do not finish

In case of not finishing the race (DNF), the competitor must register him/herself at the finish.

First aid

First aid can be found at the competition center.

Results and splits

The results and splits will be published at the web pages of the competition.


Complaints concerning the WRE classes (M21E and W21E) will be handled according to the WRE rules and complaints concerning other classes will be handled according to the rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation. The complaints must be delivered in written form to the INFO within 30 minutes (15 minutes in WRE classes) after the end of the race.

Event office (INFO)

INFO is at the competition center. INFO hands out the Emit cards rented at the time of the entry.  You can rent Emit-card at INFO for 3 euros. INFO also takes late changes to the emit numbers for 1 euro. For unreturned Emit-card we charge 70 euros.

Cloth changing and toilets, no shower 

There are no changing room or shower possibility at the competition center. Toilets are at the competition center.


Orienteering and other sports gear are sold by Suunnistajan kauppa and Pekka Sport at the competition center.

Prize giving seremony 

Prizes will be given short after the results are ready.

Full speed, no mistakes!

Pekka Väisänen

Event director