Parking places & Guiding to the competition center

By markku 12.4.2018

# Entry to the competition center – at 4.30 pm.

International Business High School (Kansainvälisen Liiketoiminnan Lukio), Isokaari 19, 00200 Helsinki. Competition center opens at 4.30 pm.

# Guiding to the competition center – notice the marked area

Guiding to the competition center starts from Koivusaari metro station. The competition center is about 800 m from the Koivusaari station.

If you come by car, use normal city parking places, if available. NOTE that you are not allowed to park inside or go through the competition area (See map)  by walking or by any means of transportation except by metro. Organisers monitor the competition area hours before the first start of the competition.

Before the competition the competitors are not allowed to go to the area marked by yellow on the map between 31.3-13.4.2018.