Kemp Emily

Name: Emily Kemp

Year of birth: 1992

Place to live: Helsinki

Occupation: Research and Development Scientist

Twitter ja Instagram: N/A

Best results: 3rd JWOC Long, 2012, 4th WOC Middle 2016, 5th WOC Middle 2017

A coach: Andreas Kemp usually gets all my training questions 🙂

Do you have some athlete profile somewhere else, if yes can you link it

Who you are and where do you come from? A Canadian and svenskspråkiga finländare. I came to Helsinki from Ottawa through some time spent studying in France and Turku. I feel that I belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

How long you have competed in orienteering and do you have some other athletic background? I’ve been orienteering since I was 8 years old and most sports that I did in school were complementary to developing in orienteering.

Your orienteering careers highlight and / or the best performance? My 5th place at WOC 2017 was probably my most memorable on a large stage since it was an incredibly strong performance during a particularly difficult time in my life. It was entirely my mental strength that got me through that race.

Your goal at orienteering? To compete at a high level while balancing other aspects of my life

Favorite terrain? The more technical and tough the better

Which and what compass do you use and why? Str8 thumb compass because I’ve tried all the other ones and I liked that one the best

What do you do, when you start to do mistake at orienteering? I try to stop myself and look back to where I last knew where I was and where I could possibly be now.

Your motto? Give ‘er

Taste of music? Norwegian and Swedish pop

What’s best about orienteering? Every race and training is something new and I get to run in places I never would have found otherwise.

What’s best about the club Helsingin Suunnistajat? I love that team mates train together during the week. We definitely get to be better together!