Embargoed areas

Preliminary competition areas are embargoed and therefore orienteering and any kind of training or preparation for the race with a map is forbidden there. Otherwise access is free. Embargoed areas are presented below and also on www.karttarekisteri.fi.

Embargoed area

The competition area will be published here on the 4th of Augus in 2017.

It is forbidden to all competitors to enter the competition area from 3rd of September onwards with the following exceptions:
  • Driving through the area via main roads is allowed (Turunväylä, Kehä I, Kaupintie, Hakamäentie, Ramsaynranta)
  • Public transportation through the area may be used, but stepping out of the bus or train inside the competition area is not allowed.

Specific information on main roads and public transportation will be published later.